We’ll help fund your business and bring it to the next level

Helping Out with Ideas

The most important thing that we do here at GMN Incubator is that we help startups with their ideas. Through many years of conducting our own businesses, we’ve honed our businesses senses and can usually see fairly quickly the direction in which the startups should go in and how their ideas should be expanded.

Funding for Startups

At GMN Incubator, we provide funding for startups. Through this funding, we hope to allow startups a chance to pay for their expenses while they get a chance to get to the point where they’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on an even larger scale. Then we can introduce the startups to even larger investors and help upscale their business even further.

More than Money

Our investors that invest through GMN Incubator provide a combination of seed money and mentorship to the budding entrepreneurs. In most cases, money is by far the smallest component that startups need. In fact, many of the startups that we¬†fund don’t need the money. What they need is the expertise and knowledge of the network of individuals GMN Incubator can allow them to have unique access to.

Dealing with Investors & Acquirers

We provide startups with the opportunity to introduce their business ideas to investors. On top of this, we’ll teach them the dos & don’ts of idea pitching. We’ll spend time honing the presentation and pitching skills of the founders. Once they’ve mastered the art of pitching we’ll teach them how to close a deal once they’ve generated sufficient interest in the investors.