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Professional Franchise Consultants

Remaining relevant and competitive is key in the complex franchising system, and even mature franchisees realise this, and GMN Franchise Consultancy helps franchises stay afloat and ahead. We have the expertise and experience to deal with the many issues to maintain the consistency and quality the consumers has come to expect. As a result, the franchisees could look forward to achieving their set targets and satisfy the shareholders’ expectations.

GMN Franchise Consultancy provides the critical perspectives to running a franchise business successfully, offering valuable insights and sustainability to the business structure in the long term.



Extensive Corporate Experience

We also focus in assisting Small and Medium Enterprises to appreciate the intellectual property assets that they might possess, or potentially could own, and together with our law-firm partner, we will strategically position these SMEs towards the right direction so that these companies could secure this knowledge and put the funds to better use.

Effective Franchise Systems

We specialise in the development of growth and expansion strategies for franchisors. Utilising cutting-edge tools and resources, we are able to create proactive, highly effective franchise systems and provide franchisors with step-by-step blueprints to grow their franchise organisations organisations in every industry across unique territories.